Mother Earth-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the women in our lives who love, nurture and care for us as only someone with a mothering spirit can do.  It’s also a perfect time to honour our Mother Earth, who continues to provide for each of us unconditionally. This year, honour all the mothers in your life with conscious gifts that are earth-friendly and mom-approved.

1. Some Quality Time With You

The truth is, what moms love more than anything is quality time with their kids. Physically being with mom might not be possible this year due to current social distancing guidelines, and if that’s the case, schedule a nice long video call with her instead. Grab a cup of tea and give her some time to hear about your life, while you hear about hers. These moments aren’t just precious and cherished, but they’re free, sustainable and safe for the planet. And if you can’t connect with your mom for any reason this Mother’s Day, honour her with a few kind words about her, even if you only speak them to yourself, and even if only for the life she gave you. 

2. Reusable Food Wrap

There’s no comfort food in the world like mom’s home-cooked leftovers, and the fresher the better! Reusable food wraps are great gifts that are mom-friendly and earth-friendly. The breathable wraps aren’t just ideal for keeping food fresher for longer, you can find wraps that are all-natural, zero-waste, and they last for dozens of uses before needing to be replaced. 

3. Organic Produce Delivery

Since Mom’s probably cooking anyway, why not give her a head start with a month of organic produce home delivery. Many local farms offer delivery boxes with an assortment of fresh, organic produce that will arrive at mom’s door weekly or bi-monthly. Buying local supports your community, buying organic supports the planet, and buying your mom groceries demonstrates how much you love and appreciate how she feeds you. 

4. An Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

A subscription box is a gift that keeps giving month after month — a delight and surprise for Mom each time one appears on her doorstep. The I Live Eco Subscription Box is a great way to say I love you to your own mother while showing a little love to Mother Earth. Each item in the box is carefully curated to support a greener lifestyle with eco-friendly products like a bamboo toothbrush and shampoo bars and that will quickly become staples in mom’s home. 

5. Gift Mom An Experience

Offering your mom an experience she’ll love this Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to show her how much you adore her, and giving her an experience instead of a physical thing will ultimately help create less waste for our planet. If Mom likes to be pampered, give her a spa gift certificate. If she enjoys the theatre, give her tickets to a show she’d like to see. No one knows your mom like you do – show her some love by sending her to do something she’ll love. 


4 Ways To Honour Earth Day While Social Distancing


This year, on April 22nd, marks the 50th anniversary of the original Earth Day celebrations, which was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the United States in 1970. Traditionally, Earth Day has been honoured with public gatherings and community events, where people come together to celebrate the Earth and commit to treating the planet with care and respect.

Current social distancing practices means that we’ll all be honouring Earth Day privately from our homes this year. But because our celebrations aren’t public, doesn’t diminish our commitment to a healthy planet. Here are a few ways you can honour the Earth from home.

1. Turn the lights off

Electricity generation emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Turning off the lights – even just for one hour – stops these emissions, and at the same time can lower your electric bill. Switching to candlelight for a few hours on Earth Day is a gentle reminder that electricity is a resource to be grateful for, and using it mindfully is better for our planet and your wallet.

2. Plant food

Growing your own food gets you back to nature, gives you an appreciation for where your food comes from and can increase your feelings of independence and food security. While you’re home, try planting a small vegetable patch or even herbs in pots. Having a few of your own simple food sources will heighten your awareness of what you eat, and how food gets to your table.

3. Start to compost

Food scraps and yard waste currently makes up 28 percent of what we throw away. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take up space and release methane gas. And the fertile soil you’ll develop from composting will be a great addition to your new vegetable patch! If you don’t have outdoor space, a small compost bin can be kept in a cupboard in your kitchen.

4. Buy Eco

When buying things for yourself or your home, be mindful of what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Choose items that don’t contain excess packaging like shampoo bars, reusable items like bamboo water bottles, and common household items made from sustainable materials. Look up the companies you’re buying from, and when you can, choose local companies that are trying to keep it green.